Live broadcast – Is there anybody out there?

Live YouTube video broadcast 

Tonight I decided to check out the live broadcast feature on YouTube. It was really cool! We had some friends viewing (who will be co-starring in a Burger Pilot episode soon) and also new friends that we met last weekend at Roba Family Farms out in Pennsylvania while we were out there with family to walk thru their giant corn maze, shoot apples out of cannons and pick pumpkins. An episode about that adventure will also be out soon. 

While live I announced that I will be uploading a new video to my site tonight. It’s about one of my favorite subjects….. MONORAILS! Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the latest videos!

To find out more about me visit my page “The Hangar” . 

I’ll see you real soon. ‘Til next time…Wheels up!

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